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CWG’s Guestbook


Guestbook is a way to turn your iPad into a guestbook at parties, gatherings, and at trade shows. A simple interface allows people to enter their information. Fully customizable, and easy to export data as a spread sheet.

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vloop updated

New Version of vloop!

Vloop is an application for looping videos and we just released a new version. In this new version is the ability to loop multiple videos, you can also use iTunes to copy videos over to vloop.

The multi video support is an in app purchase, we are hoping to raise a little cash with this app to help pay for its future development. In that same fashion we added ads to help support it. Please note, the ads will not interfere with your videos, they are only displayed on the configuration screen.

Happy looping!

Download now from the iTunes App Store.



Secure Texting for everyone!

We just released a new iPhone app called TightBeam Communicator. TightBeam is an app for secure texting and is free. It uses a unique method of insuring a secure connection between you and your contacts. We are really excited about this app, download it from the app store.

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We will be updating the with more details as we pull our marketing material together. If you have questions just send them to




Nice writeup for vloop

The good folks and Art & Emerging Technology blog gave vloop a nice write up.

I really should get that next version out the door….


The Twisted Cork Cafe, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


During my winter holiday I had the chance to visit my brother in law’s restaurant The Twisted Cork Cafe on St. Thomas.

Being computer nerd I set myself to building him a new website. Debra and I spent several days eating Bryan’s food and drinking Eric’s drinks while putting the website together. Much fun. I really can’t recommend google apps for business enough. It is a really simple way to get people setup with a basic website they can edit themselves, plus email accounts they already know how to use, because they are google accounts.

Bryan and Eric, best of luck!


Gizmodo offers a great way to use your old iPad

Earlier this month, Gizmodo posted an interesting an article about what to do with your old iPad.

They included an link to the Pad Bracket stating that the Pad Bracket was:

 a bracket that hangs it from brick walls

Which is so true!

I am really happy that the folks at Giz are at least aware of the Pad Bracket, I tried so hard to get their attention when we first launched, during the first iPad craze :) Three years later and here we are.







Now with more Amazon

We have just finish our transition to fulfillment by amazon (FBA). This means that all orders for Pad Brackets will go through Amazon, and Amazon will do all the shipping. This is excellent for me, less packing. This is excellent for you, better shipping options, Amazon’s world class support.

It is an interesting process using FBA, you have to ship your inventory to Amazon. Which feels a bit like mail packages to the internet! Just stick them in the mail, and a few days later you can see you inventory on a browser, amazing!

Anyway, check it out: Integration with vLoop

Loop videos in vloop from

Sign in to and download your videos Integration with vLoop

A lot of people use vloop to show videos at conferences, which is exactly why we built the app. However, when on the road, it can be a pain to make sure you have the correct videos available. This is where comes in. If you upload your videos to, you can be sure you can download them to vloop where ever you can find a network connection. And once downloaded, you can don’t have to down load it again. vloop will cache a any video you download.

Saves you time

No more, “I left my laptop in the hotel!” problems. Just activate the feature in vloop for a buck and off you go. Just click “Select Video To Loop” and you will be prompted to either use a video from your photo roll or from It’s that easy.

Download vloop now and start looping your videos!

And get started with


Mission: Small Business

Help ClayWare Help You

Please Help! Thanks to a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial called Mission: Small Business℠, your support could translate into a $250,000 grant for Lucas’ and Debra’s business: ClayWare, the makers of the Pad Bracket iPad wall-mount. But we need at least 250 votes at Sign in with Facebook, search for ClayWare and vote now! Spread the word by reposting this on your page. We need 250 votes by Saturday. This grant would enable us to quit our day jobs and take the business to the next level. Improving the software and accessories you love!

To Help Us, Do the Following

Step 1: Go to:

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Step 3: Enter ‘clayware’

Step 4: Click the SEARCH button

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Thanks again for all the support, it means a lot to us!