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Pad Bracket Reviews

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The Pad Bracket is an invention that Lucas created, which allows you to mount an ipad on the wall without having to put sticky pads or a case onto your ipad, you can also easily switch between portrait and landscape….

- Ideas Uploaded

Earlier this year, around the time the Apple iPad hit the stores, Lucas Jordan of Rochester was working out on his treadmill…

- Rochester Democrat and Chronicle


Mark @ On The Mark Haircuts

Ms. Lewis

I just want to share with you how much I am enjoying my iPad Bracket. I have been searching for just such a device to get my iPad up and off my counter at my Barber Shop. I can lean against the wall and or furniture and do my scheduling / making of appointments. I pull it off the wall and allow my young clients to play various games i’ve installed to distract them as I cut their hair, needless to say their parents are quite pleased.

With all the hair flying around it is great I can leave it out of a case and not concern myself with it collecting “wild” hairs and again the convenience of just grabbing it when need or accessing it attached to the wall has been a really great thing.

I would and do recommend it to all my clients…by sending them a link to your web site. I think it’s time to approach Apple Inc. With your great product.

Will send a photo of it in use and feel free to share my take with all.

Happy customer here!

Thank you
Mark @ On The Mark Haircuts


“Very simple and practical, this iPad bracket will be useful around the house, no matter what you’re doing on your Apple tablet.”

- iPad Accessories

“A stand like this would be nice because it’s got a fixed location wherever you go. If I wanted it in the garage, I could mount it somewhere that it couldn’t get damaged from a flying wrench or errant spark. Maybe it’d work in my son’s room, where we could keep it near the rocking chair, or somewhere else convenient. Or the kitchen, mounted on the inside of a cabinet where it wouldn’t get hurt but was accessible while cooking.”

- Apple Gazette

“At only $24.95, you could conceivably afford to install one in the kitchen, your office, the bathroom and anywhere else you want to make your magical tablet easily accessible and usable.”

- Magical Tablet

“This really looks like what I’d like to have in my kitchen for reading recipes while I’m slaving over a hot stove.”

- The Unofficial Apple Weblog

“The bracket is an easy, convenient, and secure way to hang your iPad on the wall… The design is excellent and the convenience is worth the money if you are looking for basic your way to hang your iPad without having to use a special case or attach something to the device itself… What I Like: Easy to install; holds iPad securely; can be used in landscape or portrait; easy to get iPad in and out of it.”

- Dan Cohen, Gear Diary

“You’ve got a perfect solution… The great thing is, it actually is really stable…. it’s just plastic, but it holds the iPad perfectly! Was not impressed when I first saw it, as I’ve used it, as I’ve now installed it… I’m really impressed and I think I might be picking up a few more of these.”

- Dan Cohen, Gear Diary