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  • Use your iPad without having to always hold it in your hands by temporarily wall-mounting it with the Pad Bracket.
  • No more back pain from hunching over the computer for hours. Sit or stand tall and view your iPad at eye-level with improved posture and less discomfort.
  • Keep your iPad safe from pets, children, accidents and spills. Unlike many table stands, the iPad wall-mount can’t be knocked over. Your iPad always in plain view increases awareness and prevents damage.
  • Wall-mounting your iPad in the Pad Bracket frees up valuable desk and counter surface space.
  • Makes a great display; for presentations, movies, slideshows, recipes/instructions, and more!
  • Provides a home for your iPad whether you are using it or not, so you always know where you left your iPad last.
  • Supports the local economy in Rochester, NY where ClayWare is located!
  • Environmentally friendly packaging and shipping.
  • Brought to you by a husband-wife team. Support regular folks, not a big amorphous corporation.
  • Specially-designed to work with your iPad in both landscape and portrait orientation, with switching between the two being a breeze!
  • Easy to place your iPad in the bracket, and easy to remove it when on the go!
  • Matches the contour of your iPad.
  • None of the iPads buttons or ports are blocked or compromised in any way.
  • High-quality plastic securely holds the iPad in place on the wall.
  • The black color blends into the black of the iPad.
  • Simple design that matches the minimal elegance of your iPad.
  • Don’t stick anything to your iPad, or hide it in a clunky case in-order-to temporarily wall-mount it.
  • Affordable! Buy a few for the many locations throughout your home and business where your iPad will come in handy.
  • Discreet and unobtrusive when not in use. 5 inches across.
  • Easy to plug your iPad into the nearest outlet for recharging while wall-mounted.
  • Easy to install: Comes with screws and wall-anchors.
  • Also works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.
  • Made in the USA! In Rochester, NY!

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In The Kitchen

There are so many excellent cooking resources on the net; the kitchen is a natural place for your iPad™.

  • Easily view recipes and cooking videos.
  • Save counter space by putting the iPad™ on the wall.
  • Keeps the iPad™ away from food… keeping it clean!

In The Office

An iPad™ is an ideal office tool, keep your iPad on the wall, at eye level.

  • View your calendar from your desk.
  • Keep your iPad out of your way, safely on the wall.
  • Play media while you work.


  • Read sheet music from the iPad while practicing and performing.
  • Use tuning and metronome applications


  • View recipes while cooking.
  • Keep the iPad away from food, keeping it clean.
  • Use cooking applications

Hotels Guests

  • Have somewhere convenient to place their iPad upon entering guestrooms.

Hairdressers, beauticians, and make-up artists

  • View customer’s desired look without limiting the use of their hands.

Restaurant Patrons

  • Have an iPad mounted to the wall throughout dinner to view menus and place additional orders.


  • Watch movies and view instructions without compromising their routines.

Doctors, dentists, and other caregivers

  • View records on the iPad at a patient’s bedside without having to hold it or set it down someplace unsafe.

Automobile sales-people, real estate agents and others

  • Mount the iPad to display important information to themselves and their customers during meetings


  • Access information on the iPad while studying or doing homework.