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Secure Texting for everyone!

We just released a new iPhone app called TightBeam Communicator. TightBeam is an app for secure texting and is free. It uses a unique method of insuring a secure connection between you and your contacts. We are really excited about this app, download it from the app store.

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The Twisted Cork Cafe, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


During my winter holiday I had the chance to visit my brother in law’s restaurant The Twisted Cork Cafe on St. Thomas.

Being computer nerd I set myself to building him a new website. Debra and I spent several days eating Bryan’s food and drinking Eric’s drinks while putting the website together. Much fun. I really can’t recommend google apps for business enough. It is a really simple way to get people setup with a basic website they can edit themselves, plus email accounts they already know how to use, because they are google accounts.

Bryan and Eric, best of luck! Integration with vLoop

Loop videos in vloop from

Sign in to and download your videos Integration with vLoop

A lot of people use vloop to show videos at conferences, which is exactly why we built the app. However, when on the road, it can be a pain to make sure you have the correct videos available. This is where comes in. If you upload your videos to, you can be sure you can download them to vloop where ever you can find a network connection. And once downloaded, you can don’t have to down load it again. vloop will cache a any video you download.

Saves you time

No more, “I left my laptop in the hotel!” problems. Just activate the feature in vloop for a buck and off you go. Just click “Select Video To Loop” and you will be prompted to either use a video from your photo roll or from It’s that easy.

Download vloop now and start looping your videos!

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A friend of mine, Tolu Akinola, contacted me a while ago to help him build at iOS app. I was happy to oblige, it is an excellent idea for an App…

AppHere is an application that helps you find applications specific to the locations around you. Simply launch the app and it will show you more app that makes for where you are.

For example, say you are the MET in NY, AppHere will show you apps that make sense for this place. It might show you an app for finding your way around or maybe an app about local museums.

Development Notes

Developing this app was an interesting experience. Using the location APIs are surprisingly finicky. I think the biggest issue is that the API reports the location of the iOS device over a number of callbacks and you never know if it is going to be the last, most accurate call.